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Monday, February 11, 2019

Aruba HPE Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide

      Aruba HPE Networking designed this CLI Reference Guide to help Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners and customers who:

     • Manage multi-vendor networks that include HPE and Cisco switches
     • Have experience deploying Cisco switches and are now deploying HPE switches

This CLI Reference Guide compares many of the common commands in three switch operating systems: HPE ProVision (now the Aruba OS), HPE Comware version 5 and version 7, and Cisco IOS operating systems.

In this guide, we refer to HPE ProVision as ProVision, HPE Comware version 5 as Comware5, HPE Comware version 7 as Comware7, and Cisco IOS is referenced as Cisco.

The HPE ProVision operating system runs on HPE 3500, 3500 yl, HPE 5400 zl, HPE 6200 yl, HPE 6600, and HPE 8200 zl switch platforms, where the image file starts with the letter “K”. In addition, the HPE 3800 uses the same foundation ProVision operating system, but the image file starts with the letters “KA”. The HPE 5400R zl2 also uses the same foundation ProVision operating system, but the image file starts with the letters “KB”.

The HPE Comware5 operating system runs on HPE 12500, HPE 10500, HPE 7500, HPE 5920, HPE 5900, HPE 5830, HPE 5820, HPE 5800, HPE 5500 HI, HPE 5500 EI, HPE 5500 SI, HPE 4800G, HPE 3610, HPE 3600 EI, and HPE 3600SI switch platforms, and the HPE 8800, HPE 6600, HPE MSR50, HPE MSR30, HPE MSR20, HPE MSR20-1x, and HPE MSR900 router platforms.

The HPE Comware7 operating system runs on HPE FF 12900, HPE 12500, HPE 10500, HPE FF 7900, HPE 5930, HPE 5920, HEP 5900, HPE FF 5700, and HPE 5130 switch platforms, the HPE MSR2000 series router platforms, and the VSR100x series Virtual Services Router E-LTU.

The commands included in this guide were tested on the following: • HPE 3800-24G-PoE+-2SFP+ switch running ProVision KA.15.16.0005

        • HPE A5500-24G-PoE+ EI switch running Comware 5.20.99, Release 2221P07
        • HPE 5900AF-48G-4XG-2QSFP+ switch running Comware 7.1.045, Release 2416
        • Cisco WS-C3750E-24TD switch running Cisco IOS Software C3750E Software                                   (C3750EUNIVERSALK9-M), 15.0(1)SE

Additional HPE and Cisco switches and/or routers were used to provide systems connectivity and operational support as necessary. Likewise, various computers and Voice over IP (VoIP) phones were used to help test functionality and provide output for commands such as show or display.

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