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Monday, August 15, 2022

Adding A Domain Alias in G-Suite

If you own multiple domains, you can add them to your Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account. Depending on how you add the domain, users can have an email address or user account at one or more domains

This guide covers the configuration of 
  • Adding A Domain Alias in G-Suite 
  • Verifying the sub-domain 
  • Adding the sub-domain in the DNS provider 


  1. Login to the Google Admin console as the Super Admin.
  2. From the dashboard, click Domains. 
    If you cannot see the Domains icon from the dashboard, click on More controls located at the bottom of your dashboard to reveal the Domains icon. 
  3. Select Add a domain or a domain alias. 
  4. Choose to Add a domain alias to primary-domain-name. 
  5. Enter the name of the domain alias you want to add to your account. 
  6. Click Continue and verify domain ownership. 

    Note: subdomain must include the primary domain. Ex. 
  7. At this point, you will need to choose which method you wish to use to verify your ownership of the domain.  
  8. Click Verify and continue to setup email delivery. 
  9. Click I have completed these steps. 
Immediately after you complete the steps above, the status on your Domains page in your Admin console should read as "Updating." When the domain ownership for your new domain alias is verified, the status will change to "Active." Please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours after verification for all users to receive their alias email addresses.

                  VERIFYING THE SUB-DOMAIN: 

                  1. Login to your G Suite account as the admin user. 
                  2. If your domain is not yet verified, you will see this notification in the Dashboard of the Admin Console. To begin the verification process, click on Verify Domain.  

                  3. You will now be directed to the verification screen. Here, you are offered several ways to complete the verification process. We will be using the recommended method which verifies the domain using DNS. To begin the verification process, select your domain registrar from the drop-down list. If you are unsure of who your domain registrar is, you can look up the WHOIS information for your domain to find out.  

                  4. In this guide, we will assume that the domain is registered through a registrar that is not on the list. Once you have selected your domain registrar, you will be given further instructions that will detail how to verify the domain using DNS. In this example, we are provided the txt record that must be added to the zone file for  

                  5. Now that we have the information, we need to update our DNS zone file, you will need to access the DNS zone file your domain and add the record. Open a new browser window and proceed to your registrar to add the DNS zone file record. If you registered your domain with (mt) Media Temple, you can find instructions for adding a record here. 
                  6. Once you have added your TXT record, you may select Verify. Depending on DNS propagation, your verification process time may vary. 
                  7. As soon as the verification process is complete, you will see a notification similar to this.  


                  1. Login to your DNS provider (ex. 
                  2. Go to Domain Manager 
                  3. Scroll Down to Add DNS Record 

                  4. Add the text record generated during the domain verification in G-Suite 


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